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Eternity: A problem that needs solving?

Maybe I have become spiritual, or maybe I have become religious, and this is by no means a religious blog, but problems are meant to be solved, and there is a lingering problem that seems like there is no solution to as of yet. This problem is the what-happens-after-we-die question. I have my beliefs, and you have yours, so I may have to restrict this post, and other posts in this category, to those that share my views on the afterlife.

NDEs and Eternity, true or not?

You most likely have heard some news about near-death-experiences (NDEs) and the various (whether true or false) claims of many people that have had such experiences. An online compilation is at spiritlessons.com. This one I am about to share, however, happened in my country Nigeria – many others have happened though, or so they claim – and it is the most credible experience I’ve heard.

The Bible is everything

I believe in the Bible, and in it’s totality, so everything I shall be sharing with you in this post and the next few related posts, you can authenticate with the Holy Bible. I shall be narrating, as I have the opportunity, the story of Kingsley Ubani, a boy that dropped his education in the university to become an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ years ago, and still (by God’s standards) was ‘disappointing’. He was warned in a revelation about the urgency of the end of time, and the need for the real children of God to stand up, or risk losing their precious salvation.

The Story

“The revelation of this book was given to me on Sunday 13th May 2012. It is well known in Christendom that Sundays are special days of worship, so I woke up from sleep and was preparing to go to church morning service (which starts at 8am) when I heard God tell me not to go anywhere. He asked me to eat my food, switch off my cell phone and stay indoors, that He would be having a meeting with me.

On hearing this information, I was disturbed in me. I was worried, thinking about what could have made God ask me to stay at home when a church service was going on. Another thing of concern was the wedding ceremony I was to attend on that same day at Assemblies of God church, (a.k.a Real Life Assembly), Danfodio road, Aba. I had already assured the bride and her mother that I will not fail to attend, but God’s will and man’s thoughts are not the same…

I decided to switch off my cell phone and start reading my Bible. As I was reading my bible, I didn’t know what happened. I know I was not sleeping but lying on my bed, when I saw myself in an environment similar to the one of 16th December 2001 (a previous revelation).

There was a single line of people from different parts of the world at the front gate entrance of a place. As they came from far and wide, all of them joined the line.

As I was standing by the corner, an angel came out from the gate and walked straight to me. All of these happened in just three minutes. He said when he got to where I was, he called me by my name and told me follow him, which I did without delay…

Inside a second gate were people dressed in white singing praises to God. I wanted to stop and listen to them because of the beautiful melody of the song, but I could not, because the angel made me unable to stop following him.

Then we entered another place (it looked more like a mini warehouse) where thirteen (13) people were seated at one side of a table facing what looked like a wall. I could only recognize one person there – Jesus Christ, and he said to me, “Son, you are welcome. We have been expecting you. Come and sit”. So I went down to sit at the only vacant seat beside him…

Jesus then said to me, “Kingsley, I brought you back here to let you know that the time of my coming back to the world is not in years, or months, weeks, days, or hours (for a thousand years is like a day), but I have less than 30minutes to return to the world. These 12 people you see here represent the 12 tribes of Israel (of course Israel is God’s beloved) and I (Jesus referring to Himself) represent the church whom I redeemed with my blood. You (Kingsley) represent yourself right now in this meeting.”

A quick break

I shall pause and make a few observations. This means that (as the bible rightly agrees) Israel were the only generation with the legal right to God’s kingdom. Meaning that if you were not of the tribe of Israel, you were doomed for Hell for all eternity. But the coming of Jesus changed all of that. That’s why you and I (Gentiles) can now have access to this same inheritance of God through Jesus. The Israelites may get to the father through their own way, but we have only one way, only one representative – Jesus the Christ, the son of the living God.

To be continued…

Please I would appreciate your positive comments (and negative ones too), but please ensure they are moderate and not vulgar.

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  1. i do not think your above conclusion about the Isrealite getting to the FATHER by their own way is correct. Jesus clearly told the Isrealite that if they dont believe in HIM they will die in their Sins and perish in Hell. all of humanity have to come to the father by CHRIST JESUS.

    • I actually was referring to the pre-NewTestament era, before Jesus came.. The only way to God then was through sacrifices and burnt offerings, and the Gentiles had no chance of partaking in this privilege

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