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In a previous post, I told a story of a young man, Kingsley Ubani, that described his Near Death Experience (NDE) in his book – Another Warning. The story continues here…

…Jesus said to me, “We were here discussing the issue regarding the elect of Christ, and how to keep them safe until they finally return home.”

Suddenly, what I thought was a wall turned out to be a screen and displayed some words I could not comprehend. Then I noticed that tears was rolling down Jesus cheeks, and I was touched.

“Where are the people I died on the cross for?”, He asked. “Where are my beloved ones? Where is my church?” None of the angels could answer this question, and neither could I; I was crying so profusely. “Have they forgotten that I am coming back again? Does it mean my labour is going to be in vain? Have they forgotten that my time is very very short? Where are my shepherds? Where are my sheep?’ He continued weeping.

All of a sudden, he turned at me angrily, “Kingsley, where are you? You are playing with what I handed over to you. The two messages I gave you previously, you are not handling them very well. I will destroy you. You think I’m playing with you? When I will rise to judge you, I will not spare you because you associate with sinners. You became friends with people that disobey my commandments, including ministers and other Christians. Be ye not unequally yoked with unbelievers

You are looking at the faces of people and considering what they might think of you and how they might feel about you when you ought not to.

You are a disappointment to Me… And I will send you to hell and get another person to do the work”

When I heard these words, I started pleading for mercy…

… Then I stopped and started looking at the screen and saw the names of churches and their founders/general overseers and their ministers. They were so many churches I could not count.

Then I was handed a book that I was told contained the names of the faithful and obedient servants of God. “Do not disclose their names” I was warned, “since they are still living, they are not yet dead.”

People began to appear one after the other on the screen. I recognized, however, not up to twenty people, probably because they some of them were not Nigerians or Africans. They were very few…

… I was wondering how possible it could be for the whole world being unable to have up to a thousand faithful servants of God at most. If for example there are 2.1billion ‘church-going’ Christians, and probably one hundred million born again┬áChristians (4%), how come there are still not up to 0.01% of this number?

And my name was not on that screen… I did not qualify for eternity

A quick break

Look Was the cross in vain? It’s beginning to look like so.

Looking at the world today, do you agree that there are almost no one left as true children of God? I think agree.

Where then is our hope? I am depressed…

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