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In previous posts, I told a story of a young man, Kingsley Ubani, that described a revelation he experienced, in his book – Another Warning. The story continues here…

When Jesus had said that, the fire began to come up so much I was feeling its heat. As the fire came up above the pit, I saw a man in it. His body had some deep cut but there was no blood. If you saw how this man looked, you will pity him and keep praying for the grace to escape this fire. This man was not brought out of the fire, but he was crying and screaming because of the pain of the fire.

While I was looking at the man inside the fire, Jesus said to me, “This man is here because I told him to release his vehicle for evangelism in his church and he refused. He did not know that whatever he had was given to him by God. he thought that the prophecy that asked him to give his church that particular vehicle for evangelism was false. He saw it as a trick to collect his car from him but didn’t know that it was God that spoke through the person that gave the prophecy. And moreover, he was always tight-fisted. He didn’t like helping people in need. This man refused to obey me and as a result, he went to hell.

No disobedient person will inherit My kingdom” Jesu concluded.

Less than a minute later, another woman was brought up. Looking at the woman, Jesus said to me “This woman was asked to clean the church and she was, until at a time she stopped cleaning because someone insulted her. She was disobedient, and as a result, she is here.”

Later a boy was brought up. When I looked at him, I recognized him. He was Uche, my friend. He died some years ago.I could remember that he died a few days after I preached to him to repent, but he refused and told me that he must enjoy the days of his youth.  (Remember now thy creator in the days of your youth… Eccl. 12:1)

Just as I wanted to shout his name in amazement, he call me in tears, “Uzoo!” (short for Uzoma which is my second name). Then jJesus said to me, “Your friend rejected me on eargh, and Ive rejected him in My kingdom” (John 12:48)

Uche, tormented in the heat of the fire, was restless; tears were running down his cheeks. Uzoo, please I need some water to drink, I am very thirsty. Please help me” Uche pleaded. Just as he was pleading, he was taken back into the pit of fire.

Then another person appeared. he was a man and by his appearance I cannot predict his age. Jesus said to me, “This man was a pastor and was taking care of a church which I commanded him until the time I will bless him. But while he was facing challenges, he left the church and opened a prayer ministry. That is disobedience. He worked for himself, and he was rewarded accordingly.” And the man was taken into the pit.

After that man, another man – an Anglican priest – taken up. Jesus said to me, “This man was an archbishop in the Anglican Communion.. He was a occult society member. He was serving two master. No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold on to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (John6″24) He was serving the devil inside his secret chamber and he was serving God on the pulpit. That is Hypocrisy. I have no part with such a person, and many are like him in the church.”

Christian and reader, there was something I discovered from the rime the angel brought me to hell to this very time I saw the archbishop, I discovered that more than five hundred people had entered into the pit of fire. Let us assume that This time span was 20 minutes. This means that in just 20 minutes, 500 people had been admitted into the  pit of fire. The speed at which people go to hell is alarming.

Finally the archbishop was taken back into the pit and another person – a girl 0 came up but was still in the fire. The first thing she did was call my name “Bro Kingsley, help me I’m thirsty” I couldn’t recognize her, but she continued “I’ve been here three months and they’ve been tormenting me. I did not know I would end up here. I was in your programme at Owerri (the capital city of Imo, a state in Nigeria). I thought you were telling lies, until I found myself here.

While I was still looking at the girl, Jesus asked me “do you know what destroyed that girl?” I was speechless, so He continued “doubt and disobedience were the things that destroyed her. She doubted you when you were ministering and disobeyed the voice of the spirit and the bridegroom that said ‘come’ Rev 22:17 and she’s suffering the penalty of her disobedience.” Then the girl was pulled back into the pit.

Having seen the fire of hell and the people in it, I became much more afraid. I began to wonder what would have happened to me if the angel had released me to those demons or if Jesus hadn’t intervened in my case. I most likely would have been dead, and Christians who have either read my books or been inspired by my ministrations might claim that I was in heaven. But alas I was found guilty of disobedience and even right now I owe people money meaning I wasn’t qualified for the kingdom (Owe no man nothing, except for love). If Jesus hadn’t intervened, many would have believed I died and went to see the Lord, not knowing I was in Hell.

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