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In previous posts, I told a story of a young man, Kingsley Ubani, that described a revelation he experienced, in his book – Another Warning. The story continues here…

Continued from parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

As I was still thinking about what my fate would have become,  Jesus started shedding tears. This time, it seemed that the cry of those in the fire had begun to emotionally impact on Him.

“Where are the benefits of my pains and my death on the cross?” asked Jesus. I remained silent. Then He pointed his finger at me and said “YOU AND MY MINISTERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE GOING TO HELL”. You (me) do not rebuke sinners the way I direct you to, and you sometimes overlook them, saying that what do they does not concern you! Don’t you know that I value souls more than any other thing on earth? My ministers now interpret my word (The Bible) to suit themselves and to please their followers. I will show you some of the people my preachers have misled to Hell. I am showing you all these things because my time is very very short and I want to save more souls that are still alive in the world before I appear in the cloud where those who are ready for my coming will meet me in eternal glory.

Dear reader, while Jesus was telling me these things, something happened. I saw a person who was being accompanied by demons. Whether she was a girl or a woman, I cannot tell. All I knew is that she was female. Just as they were passing by, she shouted “Jesus! Save me!” Somehow, by stroke of unmerited favour, he responded “Stop!” and all the demons stopped and bowed down to Jesus. he ordered her to come.

When she cane, Jesus asked her the reason why the demons were dragging her to Hell, and she replied that because she was wearing earrings, artificial hair, and trousers. In addition, she said “My pastor told us that wearing earrings and trousers, and wearing artificial nails and hair is not a sin; that God does not look at the physical appearance of a person but at the heart. And now I am about to suffer for these things”. Then Jesus ordered her to go back to the world and tell people what she saw and heard. She was dark in complexion, but I could not tell if she was Nigerian or not.

As she went back to the world, Jesus said to me, “Now let me show you some of the people in hell because of the wrong teachings of the WORD they received from their pastors”.

Then a woman appeared from the pit. By her appearance, she looked like someone about three months pregnant because her stomach was a little bulgy. Then Jesus said “This woman committed abortion. She was married with three boys and two girls and when she became pregnant again she consulted her pastor (and probably her doctor for family planning advice), and she was given the go-ahead to abort the baby, with the consent of her husband. Consequently, the blood in her hands has made her a murderer, and no murderer will inherit my kingdom…

All of a sudden, the pit expanded and more than ten thousand people came up above the pit, but they were still inside the fire.

Then Jesus said to me, all these people brought up here are those that have been deceived by their pastors and ministers. Some were told that Hell is not real; some were told that God is not wicked enough to punish his people with fire – that God is loving, merciful and gracious forever. Some were told taking alcohol, or selling them is not a sin, and that the Bible says that one should take little and not get drunk. Some were told that smoking is not a sin and that it is good for keeping the body warm. And some were told that indecent dressing or dressing like the unbelievers is not a sin, that what matters is not how you dress but how your heart is with God. Some preachers told their members that it doesn’t matter what you wear and come to church, whether your head is covered or not, or whatever – that the church is God’s property, operating now under grace and no more under the law – that these things are just law. But now is the time when all who will worship me, will worship in truth and inspirit (John 4:24). EVERYTHING YOU PUT ON YOUR BODY OR SPEAK WITH YOUR MOUTH, OR DO WITH YOUR LIFE MUST AGREE WITH MY WORD, AND ANYTHING OUTSIDE THAT IS NOT A PART OF ME” Jesus concluded.

A quick break…

Please reader, I do not ask you to believe these things or not. But please take note of the concluding letters in bold. If it doesn’t glorify Christ, it is not part of him, and anything (or anyone) that is not for Christ is against Him. And anyone against him is an enemy. And all enemies shall be vanquished – in the Lake of Fire.

This is the perfect time now, to make a decision, to do away with those belongings that have not, and will not glorify God in heaven; those attires or property that makes you look like “them” or feel like them. If they decide to dress slutty or “swaggy”, how can you be separate when you dress likewise? Remember, that if we are not separated from the world, we are destined, like them, for destruction. I know that’s a pretty difficult thing to do, especially with the pressure all around to yield. But ask the Spirit of God for guidance. If you have not had a personal encounter with the spirit of God, you can close your eyes right now and surrender your life, totally, to Jesus now and say this prayer with me.

Dear Lord
I understand that I have done so many wrongs.
I have failed you more times than I can remember.
I have tried to help myself, but I can’t.
I now understand that my end is destruction and everlasting death.
I come to you, because there is no other hope.
Only you can help me out of this mess.
Forgive my sins, and wash me with your precious blood.
Please save me. I want you in my life.
Totally and completely, come in and take control of me. 
I receive you totally in my heart
I promise to live for you
I promise never to go back to the world. 
I promise to obey you all the days of my life
Help me O Lord
Fill me with your spirit, to overcome all my past and present temptations
In Jesus Christ’s name I pray

And that’s all


If you said this prayer with all your heart, congratulations! I’m so happy for you.

First things first: Get a copy of the Holy Bible (if you don’t already have one) – and I mean one that is yours. Personalize it. Study it everyday. Dig deep into it. Eat every word in it, digest it all. And I want to recommend a book to you – Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. Go get a copy. It is worth the read, trust me.

Finally, go to a bible -believing and bible-obeying church. Even if it means quitting your position in the church, no problem. Your salvation and eternal glory is far better than the progress of the church ministry. Quote me anywhere. And I know that getting a bible-obeying church is very difficult in these times – we don’t want to get deceived anymore, do we?

My recommendation on the type of church to attend? Let the spirit guide you. You have the spirit of God now, so you can decipher the truth from falsehood. Yes you can. You could also check my blogpost on “Which Church is right for me?


Stay blessed.

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  1. hello, i’ve read time is over n another warning,i believe all u said in the book, n by the grace of god, i no longer use those worldly things mentioned above, n i give glory to GOD. but as written in the book, does it mean that whosoever committed abortion will never enter into the kingdom of GOD even after repentance? i earnestly await your reply. thanks

    • Dear Rose,
      Thanks for your comment.

      In response to your question. The murderer/robber beside him on the cross was pardoned right there, so there is nothing too evil for GOD in heaven to cast us away if we sincerely call on him. For “a contrite heart, GOD will not despise” Psalm 51:17

      If you call on Him for forgiveness, He will forgive, and forget; even though you may not forget. The biggest challenge is if you have forgiven yourself in the first place. Have you?

      Warm regards
      for ECHO

  2. Hello good day! I’ m pastor kalu Stephen I have read another warning and time is over and I thank God his Grace upon your life Iam sending this message on Behalf of 11th hrs. messengers outreach if you can have a crusade with us. We are in Lagos Badagry axis and our office is at Amazing Grace academy situated at Ikoga zebbe, Ado- odo/ota Ogun state tru Mowo Badagry. This is my number 08033539694 you can also reach me on WhatsApp tru this number. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and God bless you,
    Yours in Him, Kalu Stephen

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