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I love to study new things. And this means that I always need to do a lot of searching on the internet. In the old days when there was no internet (and no search engines), one would always have to travel miles to many libraries to get information contained in various books, journals and publications. But now, just in front of you lies an interface with with you can get anything you want, when you want it. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser (and of course a search engine like Google).

But how well can you search?

I’m a follower of search anthropologist Daniel Russel, and I want to share with you a very interesting challenge he posted on his blog. 

A massive wind storm swept through some parts of Maryland sometime last year (2012), and destroyed this tree. It was a specific kind of storm that wreaked widespread devastation throughout Maryland.

twisted tree
maryland storm – Courtesy, Dan Russel
  1. What kind of storm destroyed this tree in Maryland, USA last year? (There’s a very specific term for this weather event. What’s that term?)
  2. Can you find the original paper that gave the name to this kind of storm? (You should be able to actually find and read the original text. Accept no substitutes!)

Test your search capabilities people! And please when you find the answers, don’t hesitate to tell how you got the answer.

Have fun!

[UPDATE: After you’re done, you can check out the answers on Dan’s blog]

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