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Many times we are faced with boot problems that we have no idea where they arose from. These steps could be a quick fix for Windows boot problems. For more nerdy fellows, probably a look at the event viewer could be a sure way to know where things went wrong; but what if your PC cannot boot into windows? What if there was no way to read the event logs to know where something went wrong?

The Challenge

A client came to me today to fix his PC that could not boot. Well, it actually booted, but It couldn’t get to the logon screen. It just showed the mouse on a black background just after the boot screen.

The Approach

My first try was to assume something was broken somewhere in his driver configuration. So I rebooted to safe mode. You can reboot to safe mode by pressing F8 immediately after the first BIOS screen is displayed, just before the Windows boot screen. This takes you to the Boot Menu, where there are a lot of options to choose from. Still same problem Then I tried Safe mode with command prompt. Still didn’t work. I could not even boot to safe mode. In fact I could not boot at all. Then I tried “Repair your computer”. Looked more like my last resort here, asides repairing with the Windows disc. But still, it didn’t work! Windows could not find any problems with the computer! angry_man I even tried doing chkdsk/r on command prompt but still I didn’t fix it. Moreover, it was a netbook/mini and I didn’t have a bootable USB drive ready, so I needed options fast. Then it hit me!

The Fix


Sound crazy, but what if I created a problem on the computer, and trust the wisdom of Windows to fix it, it probably would fix the whole thing at once. Now the question was, which problem do I create? Since the issue was a logon problem, I decided to break the logon controller – LOGONUI.EXE. I renamed logonui.exe to logonui.exe.bak, and just to ensure it’s all broken, I also renamed explorer.exe to explorer.exe.bak, and then it was fully broken. On rebooting, it refused to boot. Instead it returned this error

Logon Process Initialization Failure. Interactive logon process initialization has failed. Please consult the event log for more details

And then I tried doing a system repair (Repair your Computer on the Boot Menu), and, there it was, fully repaired without hassles.

Mission Accomplished


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