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Sometimes you are faced with serious problems with your Blackberry, mostly boot-up problems or your phone is bricked (meaning it doesn’t complete the boot process or shows an error during bootup).

If you’re having such problems with your BlackBerry smartphone, and you need to reload the Operating System, please follow the following steps carefully.

Before doing this, please try to boot first in Safe Mode and see if you can uninstall the apps that initially caused the boot problems.

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HowTo: ReInstall/Upgrade your Operating System

These methods detail how to install, reinstall or upgrade your blackberry OS (for all devices) whether it is from scratch or restoring a dead phone.


To install/reinstall/upgrade your BB OS, you need:

  • The Blackberry Desktop Manager software installed on a PC.Download here
  • The Blackberry Operating System installed on the same PC
  • A USB connector cable

The following steps assume that you already have the operating system installed to your computer. If you do not, please download and install the OS to your computer to ensure that you are installing a clean version to your phone. To download the OS, go to your carrier’s download site, available here.

Before you do anything, back up your BlackBerry device. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and select Backup and Restore. On the next screen select Backup and perform a full backup of your device data. Note where the backup file is located (usually in the Documents folder). Close the BlackBerry Desktop Manager and leave your device plugged in.

  1. Open Windows Explorer and go to the following folder: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\ and open the Loader.exe file. In Vista 64-bit computers, the file is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader. Depending on your computer’s settings, you may need to show hidden folders (under File > Options for Windows XP or Organize > Folder and Search Options in Windows Vista).
  2. After the device configuration has been retrieved, you will be on the Device Application Selection page. You may scroll through the list to ensure all the applications you want are selected. You can also de-select any applications you don’t use to save space. Click Next.
  3. On the next page, click on the Advanced button. Ensure that both boxes (Delete all application data and Delete all currently installed applications) are checked. Click Next.
  4. Proceed with the OS reinstall. Note that this process may take 10-30 minutes (usually ~10 minutes). Do not disconnect the device.
  5. Once the process is complete, re-open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Select Backup and Restore and open the Restore application. Select the file to restore (Backup-(Year-Month-Day).ipd) and click open. Follow the steps to restore your device.
  6. Re-enable your device connection by going to Manage Connections and turn on your Mobile Network. Re-download any missing applications and re-connect to any BlueTooth devices and you’re done.

That’s it. You should now be back up and running. Note that this process will delete all your third party applications, hence why you need to redownload any missing applications. I also recommend pulling your battery out for 15-30 seconds after this process is complete to ensure the device is running smooth.


Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK) is a really nice tool you could use to do a lot of things to your blackberry smartphone, including install apps, backup apps, install your operating system, and many more. In this article however, I shall focus only on the task at hand. You can download it here. It requires .NET 2.0 or later

  1. Always backup your phone. Backup your phone using Desktop Manager.
  2. You can backup your 3rd party apps too if you want but I usually don’t. I will do a fresh download of those apps to be on the safe side.
  3. Plug in the cable to your phone and run BBSAK.
  4. You will see a box to enter the password. If you don’t have a password, leave it blank and press OK. If you have a password, key in the password and press OK.
  5. You will be able to see your BlackBerry PIN at the PIN box if the phone is connected correctly to BBSAK.
  6. Search for the option to Wipe Device and it will prompt you if you are sure to wipe. If you have not backup your phone (or forgotten to), this is a good time to exit and backup first.
  7. Press Wipe Device and wait until the box appear saying Wipe Complete.
  8. The phone will reboot and you will then proceed to a white screen. It will prompt you Error 507. Do not panic and follow the next step and don’t unplug the cable.
  9. If you have the desired OS installed in your computer, select the option for Load OS.
  10. From here, everything is straight forward and just follow the instructions.

I hope this helps those of you looking for a complete and easy to follow set of steps for reloading your operating system. This process typically takes ~30-40 minutes to complete.


Thanks to: WikiHow and Crackberry

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