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Remember the portion of scripture that says, “Ye ask, but receive not, because ye ask amiss, to fulfil your fleshy lusts”? Let’s keep this bit of information in a corner of our mind, while I narrate a short event that I experienced.

Looking around, it is very glaring that humanity is trying very hard to fulfil these fleshy desires – buying that trendy clothe, acquiring that yacht; to make your friends and business associates green with envy; applying that extra touch of cologne to turn the ladies on with desire. Everyday a new desire arises that wants to be fulfilled.

Pondering on these things, I asked myself;

• Are these desires good or evil?

• Are these desires inbuilt?

• Are they a part of our make-up?

• Did the Creator imprint these desires in man?

• If He did (and assuming they are evil), wouldn’t that make Him a wicked Creator? If He did not, wouldn’t it make Him powerless?

• Where did these attributes arise from?

In classifying desires, there are many scenarios to be considered. I write this in a public transport vehicle, with a beautiful lady beside me, looking so sweetly official (I get attracted to smartly dressed women), my desire is to take her over and give probably a most romantic foreplay. No further details about what is going on in my head is necessary, but then I ask, are these desires good or evil? I am probably a pervert (if you feel so, then comment box is totally unrestricted) but there is that underlying desire to get every beautiful woman I see, own that posh car now, or own that property or even become that celebrity on TV. It is the same desire that probably will make me talk to her, or analogously, generate that business idea. It is this desire that may make me venture into music, or do an MBA, or work harder, all because of this desire. This desire is probably the foundation of our actions in the future. I believe this is the underlying reason why relationships fail. The same reason a career person starts off good but on the rise up the executive ladder, he turns out totally different from what he initially envisaged for himself. This is probably the reason politicians become corrupt, the same reason partnerships fail and the reason for unwanted pregnancies.

Are these desires then evil? I am tempted to conclude so.

The Psalmist once wrote, “In sin did my mother conceive me.” Another preacher/prophet also summarized the same fact when he asked that, “The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?”

But then, a little thought arose, isn’t this the same desire that is responsible for globalisation, industry, breaking grounds in innovation, poverty reduction, and world growth? Why would we call evil a thing that eventually should yield good? Doesn’t the end justify the means?

Looking at the lady again, this time my initial infatuation much lower, I thought again to myself, if I start a conversation with her, we get along, become friends, date, or even get married, would my initial desire have changed? In the long run, there may be other later discovered reasons for the attraction, maybe her character, growing “love” between each other, companionship, friendship, or even marriage. But would all these things change the initial animalistic infatuation I had at first sight?

Same with business/career, the aspiration to rule the world, become the most successful celebrity/icon, are they not based on that little thing called self that always wants glory? Are these drives to satisfy one’s desire not evil?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question eludes me…

Your comments would be appreciated.

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