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In the computer laboratory, I noticed a cuboid shaped nice looking thing on the table. Wondering what it is, I took a closer look. Behold, it was a mouse.

In a bid to make more stunning mice designs, and become endeared towards computer users, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have gone the extra mile in creating really beautiful designs. But most have forgotten that because a mouse is an integral part of the computer, it is more important that safety and health be put first, even before considering design and aesthetics. Mice are now smaller than ever, and it becomes even more difficult to get a good solid grip on these pointing devices.

Herein lies my question – Has the mouse evolution been a good idea, or do we just go back to the good old mice design?


I leave you to decide.

First computer mouse
First computer mouse, held by inventor Douglas Engelbert


For me, I prefer a mouse that will be big enough for my palm to completely rest on it – prolonged use of a mouse too small for comfort could lead to muscle fatigue and in extreme cases, serious musculoskeletal disorders. For details about diseases caused by prolonged use of non-ergonomic devices read this

Update: The inventor of the computer mouse is dead.
Douglas Engelbart, best known as the inventor of the computer mouse, has died at age 88. During his lifetime, Engelbart made numerous groundbreaking contributions to the computing industry, paving the way for videoconferencing, hyperlinks, text editing, and other technologies we use daily. His most popular invention remains arguably that computer mouse.
Source:The Verge

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