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The end is very near. Very very near. I don’t know how much time we have left till there is a repeat “broadcast” of Sodom and Gomorrah, but all I know that that event is inevitable. There are killings everywhere, nations are now rising against nations and people against governments. There are now laws passed that are totally against humanity herself – gay marriages are now legal in many countries; bestiality has even been approved in some. The world has gone haywire. As a Christian that is interested in going to heaven, we know that these things are not part of the kingdom of God. The are attributes of the kingdom of darkness.

Sodom and Gomorrha, Alte Pinakothek, Room 23
Sodom and Gomorrha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has now become even more difficult to be a child of God; there is ┬ápressure everywhere to compromise – from parents, children, loved ones, friends, end even enemies. Even in the church, so-called brothers and sisters in the Lord are the most guilty of the offence of luring one to sin. The question now persists – where are people like me? How do I come in contact with those that are of like minds and are also interested in going to heaven?


I can only attempt to answer this question. I cannot answer it. Why? The heart of man is desperately wicked (who can know it?), and only the Lord knows those that are his. So I cannot recommend for you a particular denomination, and neither can I tell you categorically that this church or that is not good either…

I know I do not seem to help matters here, and the same question still lurks in your mind.

Which Church is right for me?


The best I can tell you right now, is that THE SPIRIT OF GOD can be your only guide on this one. Let Him guide you.

But if I may add, in case you still need a little ‘human’ direction, these are guidelines I have applied in my own life.

The main message MUST be centered on HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and TRUTH.

There must always be a reminder about ETERNITY – HEAVEN and/or HELL.

There must always be an opportunity for souls to be saved – we must be reminded that we need salvation above any other thing.

So if I walk into a church, and all I hear is how to kill my enemies, or how to make more money, or how to pass my examinations; without hearing that Holiness is the main key to all these successes, I walk out immediately. They are not trying to help my eternal future.

If you believe these will work for you, go ahead and try them out. But do not forget – THE HOLY SPIRIT is our best “lie detector”.

Remain in his presence…

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