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If you’re looking to maximize the use of your BlackBerry smartphone, here’s a list of the top 10 BlackBerry best apps. And they are free. I’ve also chosen them, so that you can install them all without being afraid of running out of space in your device. That sounds good, doesn’t it? So here are your…

Top 10 BlackBerry best apps (in no particular order)

Best News reader for Blackberry -XPRSS

XPRSS for Blackberry

The rate at which information flies around has become alarming, and to maximise time and increase productivity, you need to limit the amount of junk info that you read. If you are looking for the best feed reader for BlackBerry, XPRSS is the app to get. Download XPRSS from the BlackBerry App Store

Best alternative web browser for BlackBerry – UC Browser

UC Browser for Blackberry
UC Browser for Blackberry

Most people love their default BlackBerry browser, but when it comes to speed, and customization, UC Browser knocks it off the charts. It has various options like proxy setting, network selection, etc, and the download speed is excellent. If you’re looking to get a faster browser, I recommend this one. Some prefer Opera Mini though. For a comparison table between Opera Mini and UC Browser, you can read my article on “The Battle of Browsers” Download UC Browser from the Blackberry AppStore Must read: The battle of browsers: Opera Mini versus UC Browser

Best Radio app for Blackberry – TuneIn radio

TuneIn Radio for Blackberry
TuneIn Radio for Blackberry

If you are an internet radio junkie like me, you surely have heard of TuneIn, arguably the best free internet radio app in the market right now. There are competitors though, one of which is Miroamer, which I also love

Download TuneIn Radio from Blackberry AppStore

Download Miroamer Radio from Blackberry AppStore

Best BlackBerry Instant Messaging app – BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

Thanks to the availability of BBM for Android and iOS, BBM can now comfortably sit above WhatsApp and Viber as best messaging app for BlackBerry.

You feel I’m wrong? Please the floor is open for discussion

Best productivity app for Blackberry – Evernote

If you are very particular about productivity, then this app is for you. Evernote manages almost everything from reminders, to scheduling business meetings, to taking notes. With Evernote, you can never miss an important event.

Download Evernote from Blackberry Appworld

Best Blackberry games

I would leave this section for you to happily choose, but here are my best minimalistic games, most of which are brain-tasking, word games. You can feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section just below this post.

Best word games

Letter Scrambler – Download it from Blackberry AppWorld

Fightin’ Words Free

Best design/tweak app

Fancy Smiley

Best Dictionary app


Best book reader


Best font customisation app

Font control

Best battery saver app

Battery booster

Best LED notification app

Advanced OS and LED Best power control app


Best download manager for BlackBerry

Net Turtle

Best blogging app for BlackBerry


Best translator app for BlackBerry

iSpeech Translator

Best social networking app for BlackBerry


Best file manager for BlackBerry


Best screen grabber/ screen muncher for BlackBerry

Screen Grabber

Nux Tools


Ok here’s your magic list of best BlackBerry apps (not all work on BlackBerry 10 though, but check out our list of best BlackBerry 10 apps here)

Which apps have I missed? Please leave a comment below.

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