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Fix USB to phone connection issues

If you're having issues with connecting your PC with your phone, there's a quick tool that could help you resolve all USB to phone connection issues. It's called Usbdeview, a freeware...

[INFOGRAPHIC]: 71% of Android users are still insecure

According to research by security outfit Skycure, and from the latest update from Google Security Blog, a whopping 71 percent of Android users are still insecure because they are either using...

How to: Root Nokia X and install GApps

The Nokia X was just released weeks ago, and though it has disappointingly low specs (but a good price), and also it was coded never to run Google Apps (like Google Now, Google Maps and Google Play Store), you can root Nokia X and install GApps.
Share your location in BBM

How to share your location in BBM 2.0

You can now share your location in BBM on Android, iOS and Blackberry With the latest update of BBM got Android and iOS, you can now share your location in BBM 2.0...

How To: listen to radio without a headset on Xperia

Have you lost your headset? Do you still want to listen to radio without a headset your Sony Xperia? Chances are that if you haven’t accidentally ripped or broken the headset...

BlackBerry: best apps recommended for your BlackBerry

If you're looking to maximize the use of your BlackBerry smartphone, here's a list of the top 10 BlackBerry best apps. And they are free. I've also chosen them, so that...

How to: Install BBM on Gingerbread [OFFICIAL]

Hello Android Gingerbread, You can now install your favorite BlackBerry Messenger BBM on Gingerbread. No more XDA developer modded builds, the latest BBM update means that BBM for Gingerbread is now available...