January 24, 1984 – Classic Mac OS was born

January 24, 1984 The "Classic" Mac OS, the first operating system to popularise the GUI concept for personal computers, was developed by Apple Inc. for its Macintosh line of personal computers.  

March 26, 1999 – Melissa Unleashes

March 26, 1999 The first e-mail virus to cause widespread damage and one of the fastest spreading viruses in history, Melissa was released into the wild on an early Friday morning and within three days would infect between 100,000 and 250,000 computers around the world. While the virus did not directly cause any damage

IBM.com and sun.com Registered

March 19, 1986 The domains ibm.com and sun.com come online. These domains are considered the 11th and 12th oldest domains in history.

Funniest puns

Some of the world's funniest puns What is a pun? If you don't know already, you don't need this info, but for those that would like to know, a pun is a joke exploiting...

Mir Falls From the Sky

March 23, 2001 - The Russian space station Mir burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere after fifteen years in orbit. The debris that isn’t burned up falls safely into the Pacific ocean between Chile and New Zealand, in a region from which governments had routed planes and ships away. The station, which was launched in 1986

Eternity – Another Warning 5 (Revelation by Kingsley Ubani)

In previous posts, I told a story of a young man, Kingsley Ubani, that described a revelation he experienced, in his book - Another Warning. The story continues here... Continued from parts 1, 2,...

Arcade Game of Many Firsts

March 18, 1974 Atari Introduces Gran Trak 10. It is the first arcade game to use solid state read-only memory (ROM) to store sprites for each car, the game timer, the race track, and the score. As such, it’s the the first game to have defined characters rather than mathematically manipulated dots. The game’s controls, which…

The World’s First Tweet

March 21, 2006 Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sends the world’s first (non-automated) tweet: inviting co-workers A note to future entrepreneurs: when doing the “first” of anything, it may be for posterity so try to be interesting. Kthnx.

First Newsletter of the Homebrew Computer Club

March 15, 1975 Issue number one of the Homebrew Computer Club’s newsletter is published. Only 21 issues are published through December 1977, but the newsletter is considered influential in the early culture of the personal computer industry.

Apple Sues Microsoft for Copyright Infringement

March 17, 1988 Apple Computer famously sues Microsoft Corporation for copyright infringement in its Windows operating system. Apple eventually lost the lawsuit in 1995.