March 26, 1999 – Melissa Unleashes

March 26, 1999 The first e-mail virus to cause widespread damage and one of the fastest spreading viruses in history, Melissa was released into the wild on an early Friday morning and within three days would infect between 100,000 and 250,000 computers around the world. While the virus did not directly cause any damage

List of Bank Sort Codes of Nigerian Banks

Some transactions require you to enter a sort code, and each branch of each bank has a different from other branches of the same bank. The Industrial Training Fund in Nigeria, for...

Arcade Game of Many Firsts

March 18, 1974 Atari Introduces Gran Trak 10. It is the first arcade game to use solid state read-only memory (ROM) to store sprites for each car, the game timer, the race track, and the score. As such, it’s the the first game to have defined characters rather than mathematically manipulated dots. The game’s controls, which…

Opinion: Deliverance

What is your view on Deliverance? Looked up the word "deliverance" in a search engine, and guess what, I didn't get a definition in the first three results! Decided to change the...
Chigozie Nwofor RIP

Rest in Peace, Nwofor “Java” Chigozie

This is very unlike me, because I like to stick strictly to solving problems, but I shall have to digress a little, because my heart is heavy, and I have permission... and Registered

March 19, 1986 The domains and come online. These domains are considered the 11th and 12th oldest domains in history.

Eternity – Another Warning 4

In previous posts, I told a story of a young man, Kingsley Ubani, that described a revelation he experienced, in his book - Another Warning. The story continues here... When Jesus had said that,...

First Internet Domain Registered

March 15, 1985 The first Internet domain is registered by Symbolics, a Massachusetts computer company.

Google Maze Chrome Experiment: Convert any website to a 3D Maze

Google Chrome is 5 today, and to show you a bit of fun, here's a "turn your website into a 3D maze" experiment you would love to play with

Eternity: Another Warning 2

In a previous post, I told a story of a young man, Kingsley Ubani, that described his Near Death Experience (NDE) in his book - Another Warning. The story continues here... ...Jesus...