LADIES!! Five interesting reasons why you avoid wearing brassieres, number 4 is unexpected


For most women, there is no better feeling at the end of a long day than returning home and taking off their bras. Some even take them off before reaching home. Well, there is a good reason why wearing bras is actually not a so good idea. Its no doubt that wearing bras is something that people just expect women to do, in fact, a woman not wearing one will occasionally raise eyebrows when noticed. If you need that extra reason to figure out why you shouldn’t wear a bra ever again, then you are in the right place.

  1. Bras make your boobs sag

Studies have shown that bras cause muscle atrophy to the very muscles that keep breasts perky. This means that obsessive bra wearers tend to sag a lot more, and a lot quicker, than the ladies who choose to let them bounce a bit.


  1. They’re uncomfortable

Need I say more? Rather than put your body through all that discomfort, doesn’t it make more sense to just stop wearing bras?

  1. Sometimes, bras are seriously painful

Take for instance, a rib condition called costochondritis, wearing a bra can be very painful if you have the condition. This ribcage inflammation can cause bra wearers to experience searing pain.


  1. You’ll feel free

Bras impede movements, and to a point, they can make you feel trapped in your own clothes. Without a bra, moving around is a lot easier and will make you feel a lot lighter.

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  1. There is no perfect fit

Did you know that studies show about 80% of all women wear bras that aren’t the right size for them? Did you know it makes bras even less comfortable? If you don’t want to wear a bra, or if you are tired of wearing them, then let your nipples go free. It’s your life, and people need to stop telling you how you should look.

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