Man nabbed with wife at secret lover’s house

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A woman corners husband with another wife in bed. [Source/]

Residents of Chebilat shopping center in Nyamira County were on Thursday treated to a rare drama after a woman hijacked her adulterous husband inside his ‘mpango wa kando’s’ house.

Mellen Kerubo said she has been suspecting her husband Pius Ongoro of having an affair with women outside the wedlock.


“My husband tricked me that he was going to check on his friend only to end up going to his mpango wa kando’s single roomed rented house. A friend who spotted him alerted me and I stormed the house where I caught him red handed with the woman identified as Eunice,” said Kerubo.

Kerubo said she locked her husband inside Eunice’s house so that she can call residents to witness.


“I wanted to shame him in public. I locked him inside the house before I called locals to witness. He was kicked out of the house with the woman and they were caned thoroughly,” she noted.

Area assistant chief Christopher Aburi said Ongoro and his mpango wa kando received a dog’s beating from angry locals.

“Ongoro will never forget the beating he got from angry locals. It is a lesson married men should learn not to engage in extra-marital affairs,” he said.


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