Alexa ranking is a web information company which ranks every website/blog based on its own algorithm. Alexa is owned by Amazon. Alexa Rank has given more importance after Google Page Rank and is considered as a crucial parameter for the quality of your blog content. Well! Let us see about Alexa Ranking in detail.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is the measure of popularity of a blog, taking account of no.of unique visitors. Alexa counts those hits that pass through their system i.e. They count no.of visits from viewers who have installed Alexa toolbar on their browsers.
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Alexa rank is based on website traffic and some other factors. Alexa rank is given in two categories i.e. Global level rank and Country level rank. Lower the Alexa rank, better the site. Alexa Rank updates daily.

How does Alexa Rank is Calculated?

Alexa Rank depends on website traffic, but all your website traffic will not be considered for Alexa Rank. They count no. of visits from the viewers who have added Alexa Toolbar on their browsers. For Alexa to track information of your blog, your visitors have to install Alexa toolbar on their browsers or you need to add Alexa Widget to your blog.

If you want to attract direct visitors to your blog then you need to have good Alexa Rank because most of the advertisers and other bloggers will judge your site based on your Alexa Rank. If you have good Alexa rank then you can attract direct visitors to your blog so that you can earn money from your blog.

If you go for Adsense ads/text ads, probably you need not worry about Alexa rank. Having less Alexa rank is best for your blog but its not essential to have good Alexa rank, because there are many ways to say that Alexa ranking is irrelevant.

As we are bloggers, we need to improve Alexa rank of our blog. Try to get traffic from Bloggers and tech guys, because most of the bloggers like you have installed Alexa toolbar on their browsers. If you get traffic from Bloggers then you can easily improve Alexa Rank of your blog.

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