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With more and more information becoming available to common internet users, this means that storage space becomes bigger and more files occupy storage space.

In this post I review a solution to one of my most troublesome challenges – SEARCH.

The Challenge

Sometimes I have reports scattered all over my desktop, my documents, or various private folders in my PC, and after a few months, it becomes a difficult task to locate them. Even worse is, if your folders are not so organized – I have necessary info in separate folders organized hierarchically; you may not be that organized. The question now arises: How the heck do I find what I’m looking for?

The Options available

According to reviews and ratings (PC Advisor and

Windows Search is the default search option available from Microsoft – after installation, it adds a toolbar to your taskbar and search is easy and free; but Indexing chews a lot of memory, and trust me, search results could be funny (no pun intended)

  • Search from Start Menu (Windows 7)

With more recent versions of Windows (7 and 8), search was greatly improved. It was faster, but there was still the issue of Indexing.

The search results pane in Windows 7, demonstr...

  • Other search tools

Other search tools like Snowbird, Ultra search, Superfinder, etc exists, but I shall get down to the one I’m here for.

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My Best Pick

Small, lightweight, lightning fast, and free, may I introduce a tool by VoidTools – EVERYTHING SEARCH

On first run, it takes no more than a minute to build a database of your Master File Tables (MFT), and after that, it’s supersonic search all the way. Just type whatever you want, and it pops up immediately.

I even added it to my taskbar, so that just double-clicking and typing the search query returns what I want in seconds. Cool


It is fast. Understatement. It is VERY FAST

Unlike many other search tools, it is portable. In fact I carry it in my thumb drive. I recommend you do the same as well.

Memory: It is memory friendly. It very rarely chews up memory compared to the default index-based search


It is useful for only NTFS hard drives. But, come on, who uses FAT 16 or FAT 32…. It’s not 1980.

It has no advanced search option. But wait, who needs advanced search, when the basic search is already an “Advanced search”?

It required administrative permissions to search restricted areas of the computer

Final words

If you want a simple, portable, fast, and easy to use third-party search tools to use, just head over to VoidTools and get everything. There’s a lot of FAQ there as well.

What do you think? Are there any other tools you think are as good, or better? Have your say in the Comments box below


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